Vegan Learning Circle

 Articles & Ebooks by Vegan Sudesh

Veganism -


1. Sawan  – The Holy Month of Monsoon

2. Advantage of Tamarind

3. Happy World Milk Day?

4. Kendu / Tendu Fruit & Bidi Leaf

5. How does color of foods determine it's taste?

6. Why do I advocate for plant based foods?

7. Why do we need Detoxification?

8. My Vegan Story: How did I turn to Vegan?  

9. What if your lover loves Meat?

10. Bhutta - The Roasted Corn

11. Are you proclaiming religion on your food choices?

12. What is the first step to bring back love in your life?

13. Stop Animal Sacrifice in Eid-Al-Adha

14. Human Rights of Domination

15. Halal: The Codification of Islamic Cruelty

16. Ban Animal Sacrifice in Durga Puja

17. Banning Santeria Sacrifice Ritual of Caribbean

18. The Animal Sacrifice Calendar of Nepal

19.  An appeal to impose full ban on Animal Sacrifice in Hindu Temples

Relationship & Lifestyle -


1. Wealthology Session by Vegan Sudesh

2. What exactly happens to your body when you dreams?

3. Is being humanist an anti-religion?

4. The beauty of Motherhood

5. What it means to be honest with yourself?

6. Why are you being judge-mental?

7. How to fix boundaries in your relationship?

8. The perfect definition of advancement

9. To love someone doesn't mean to change them...

10. Reproductive Responsibility

11. How to make your life better off in the Corona time?

12. Salvation after Social Media

13. Ambition > Success > Happiness > Ego > Peace

14. The Growing Steps of Middle Class in Startup World

15. Surrogacy Bazaar, Ethics & Moral Policing

16. The catch of beauty and personality

17. Benching: The New Game Theory of Dating - Tinder Talk

18. Feb: The Felonious Month of Love & Valentine

19. Virginity versus Sex before Marriage

Exclusive Articles -


20. An insight of Lockdown India

21. How fare is the business of Fairness Creams?

22. Kamathipura Sex Workers & Bollywood

23. American Desi Grocer

24. Anti-fear Vaccine

25. Covid Lockdown: The Great Dilemma of India

26. Racial Casting in Bollywood

27. The Culture of Reverse Migration

Hinduism & Mythology -


28. Grahan - The Eclipse Rituals in Hindu

29. The Importance of Brahmamuhurta

30. Folktales on Dairy Addiction of Lord Krishna is fictional

31. The Essence of 'Namste'

32. First Night in Hindu Marriage

33. Significance of ringing a bell in Hinduism

34. Financial Inequality in Hindu Marriage

35. How Muhurats are predicted for Hindu Wedding?

36. The Essence of Mangal Sutra

37. Salvation in the age of Social Media

38. Bangles and Honeymoon

39. The Importance of Color in a Bridal Wear