How to make your life better off in the Corona time?

Here are some of my suggestions to make your life better off in the Corona time.

 📌 1. During lockdown, if you are feeling like a nomad, then keep yourself indoor in quarantine of dreams for some time. Simply, make up your mind, that you have to adapt a completely different situation at earliest. After this epidemic the world has changed almost, so we all have to change. As Darwin said, "Those who are alive are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most compatible with their environment."

 📌 2. You have to leave the development approach and switch to a survival mindset, which will focus your attention on solutions and help you to face the global economic havoc caused by Corona Pandemic. Let's assume that you are starting your life again in this new changed environment. This in itself will present a new opportunity for your job, business and investment.


 📌 3. This is not the time to waste for nothing while staying locked in home. Some of us are not working from home (Wfh)?  Due to Corona crisis, they are indoor and trying to do their job. If we understand the difference between these two different things then only we will be able to do something good.

 📌 4. If you are hoarding essentials more than your need, then it means that you are in clutch of fear and attitude. You should adopt sanitization completely in your life, get your attitude sanitized to get rid of fear forever.  Otherwise, the hawthorn of the hatered will take you to a big isolation.

 📌 5. Education powers a better world. You cannot be deprived of education by using a smartphone because in the world of digitalization, we are entering in to a free education system at a fast pace. If you find merchandisers of faith and, their blind devotees in need of medicines or ventilators, then refer them to an expert of a good hospital rather sending them to any temple-mosque-church.

 📌 6. Follow social distancing on the Internet too, as it is a growing business of mostly unsocial people. Here, deeply rooted relationships are now drying up.  They need love and respect, not any aloe-vera recipes or daily dose of hydroxychloroquine info etc.

 📌 7. Do not even listen to those blind followers of Ramayana-Mahabharata epics for years, who preach that India was never a corruption-dominated country. The never ending business of hoarding and black marketing is thriving everywhere, right from far-flung areas to big cities despite the efforts of the government. But, there is no need to bother about it as in upcoming time, the huge outreachmernt of WhatsApp in India bringing them at e-commerce platform of Jiomart i.e. Desi version of Walmart.

 📌 8. Along with the lack of health facilities in this epidemic, nowadays we are also fighting a big battle against the misbehavior of the administration and police. You should learn to deal wisely with police, who blindly assume that, their duty is to beat people without knowing concern or listening them. It is suggested that to stop criticizing administration much because their policing system is a replication of our traditional society. They will improve themselves over time.

Vegan Sudesh   Vegan Sudesh   Vegan Sudesh