That you are • तत् त्वम् असि (Tat-tvam-asi); 
That I am • सोऽहम् (So-aham); 

As an Author, I consider myself a stained glass window and this is how I live my life. Closing no doors and covering no windows. Being a creative person, I (and my team) love to share things on social media where we’ve been connected with large no. of like-minded people about the things, we are the most passionate about.

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This labour of love is my way of swinging the door open for you to join me. I’ve been lucky to be around large no. of experienced people right from the starting up of my first venture ‘the organization of zealous geeks’ in 2006 at London!

The proverbial saying 'You are what you eat' is the notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. We are making this possible for you through plant-based lifestyle sessions, endorsement, campaign materials, and vegan items in association with many sourcing partners.