Bhutta - The Roasted Corn

The monsoon has finally reached in many parts of the country, along with natural flavor of its seasonal fruits and our delicious moment. Everyone get chance to enjoy Bhutta (i.e. roasted maize) either it's homemade or ordered from roadside vendors during rainy season. It is considered a great privilege to get to eat Bhutta while, you are stuck in the rain at home or outside. 

Although, delicious cuisines made from corn are available to all of us throughout the year, but when it comes to just corn, there is no comparison of freshly roasted bhutta with anything in the rain. The garnish of Lemon and Spices simply double the Bhutta flavor. Many things loose their nutritional properties after cooking, but it's opposite in the case of Bhutta. It is said that, 50 percent of its antioxidants increase after roasting it.

Most of us eat it because of its taste, but did you know that corn contains medicinal properties. Corn is actually a grain, which is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Yellow Corn is very popular worldwide, although it comes in many other colors such as red, orange, purple, blue, white and even black. The nutritional elements found in it, protects us from anemia, fatigue, weakness. 

Corn is a good source of caratonoids and Vitamin A. Eating it makes the teeth strong. The anti-oxidants present in it reduce the problem of aging. Cholesterol is very low in it, so corn is also very good for heart health. It also works to increase our immunity, which is highly recommended during the covid19 epidemic period. 

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Vegan Sudesh.