Why do I advocate for plant based foods? - Vegan Sudesh

Needs are something that brought us under social and economic setup. Our basic needs have been highly transitional in the modern age of the Internet, hence we are now only fulfilling them with a lack of feelings. That we do just because the time said so, that we do just to achieve some sort of social gratification. We are rushing our lives in general and badly trapped in a rat-racing lifestyle.

If you eat with the sole purpose of filling up your stomach, then the joy that could be felt by yourself is diminished. That's why people need more and more stimulating food, to replace the lack of consciousness with overstimulation. I see people constantly low in energy, you may be one of those, who are constantly running on stimulants like coffee, chocolate, cacao, matcha, teas, alcohol, and animal products (yes it s stimulant but it throws your kidneys as well adrenals out of wack because of high complex protein and fat count). 

We often forget that our body is a tool that was supposed to be used to express our feeling to fulfill the spirit and ultimately to achieve spirituality. However your soul does not need fulfillment, it just needs to be expressed, lived through this vessel you were given by being born into this place and time. And if you feed it the things that nature intended you to feed it, it will allow you to think more productively, it will allow you to breathe in more deeply, and love in ways deeper than you could ever imagine. 

Plant-based meals are the most vibrational food that you can feed your body. And I don't mean that you can snack, but feed on. Being Vegan is not just about a meal, it brings you back to your roots and origin, which will elevate the flow from inside as well as outside of your body.


Vegan Sudesh

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