The perfect definition of advancement

The world is moving towards a perfect definition of advancement, while battling financial crunch, isolation and depression after long months of lockdown. It doesn't matter in which country, culture or environment you were born, but we all live our life in a troublesome economy. Due to which, most of the people in the world possibly encounter to each other in some kinds of need, but here some of the needs also meet the heart, which are connected to us in some way or other.

The true meaning of advancement is that we should not eat any dead nor should we live as dead. No matter, whether the problem is bigger or smaller, we should practice for combating it firmly. When most of us move on the path of success, we feel happy in our better conditions and get absorbed in it for a long time. Then when a sudden change or any situation arises, we get shocked and experience anguish regardless of tradition we are following. These things made us feel to connect with heartfelt relationship in journey of life.

We have been created by nature to live a very simple life like other beings, but influenced by a blind competition, all of us who are part of economy have made it very complicated. If we are well prepared to cope with complications at any moment, we can turn it around and adjust it immediately, whatever the situation or circumstances may be.

It is important for us to have quality people around, who are kind and good. Our life should not just get entangled in the vortex of needs. We should continuously strive to move in a positive direction. Then we will follow the right path and become better and better. Our good qualities will emerge and develop and become more apparent.

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