To love someone doesn't mean to change them...

Sometimes, I wonder what people see at most in others before they propose to them. 

To love someone doesn't mean to change them... Once you don't accept them but agree to be in a relationship, then what you are doing daily is rejecting them. On one hand you are telling them you want to be with them, on the other hand you are saying they are not good for you. You don't need to be judgmental about him/her and end up condemning. 


📌 Male Version -

When you met her, she was always in the company of male friends yet you liked her and believed you loved her. You proposed, she agreed to be in a relationship with you then all of a sudden you want her to stop talking or hanging out with her male friends. The question is, if she had something doing with them, would she still had gone ahead to accept your proposal?

She loves to wear short pants, that is what makes her feel comfortable. You met her, studied her for sometime, professed your love for her and she agreed to be in a relationship with you. The next moment you complain about her dresses and you want her to stop wearing them. The question to you is, what drew you to her? If you think dressing in short pants makes her spoilt or a bad lady, the question is, what do you Mr. Good man want to do with Madam spoilt? Why do you want to be associated with something you don't like?

📌 Female Version -

You meet him on social media, he has lots of ladies as friends, he proposes to you, and you agree to be in a relationship yet complain he has too many lady friends and that they always comment or like his post. The question to you is, if you don't trust him, why did you agree to be in a relationship with him?

To love someone does not mean you have the power to change them into who you want them to be. To love someone means you accept them for who they are. If you can't accept the one you claim to love for who they are or what they do, then don't go for them.

You don't need to make your love for him conditional, asking them to choose between you and their friends/family. Behaviours as such only make your love questionable. Remember, if you force love, you get crap.

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