What it means to be honest with yourself?

The true form of honesty is to be honest with yourself. It is an every-moment practice. The practice is to be conscious about what you are doing and asking yourself why you are doing it.

Most of us are taught to suppress our emotions in order to achieve a standard level of betterment in financial perspective right from an early age.  This creates a deep distrust of our natural self. When you are not able to escape from the rules made by others, then your life becomes like a puppet.  You lose your natural form by being guided by some external programming.

The biggest truth in today's world is that confusion, lies, violence and depression are being traded on a large scale. In spite of being educated, we are estranged from our inner truth and compassion. To rekindle this compassion, a worldwide movement of veganism and humanitarian thought is needed. The fact is that most people don't actually trust themselves anymore and would rather hand over their responsibility on others. We also need a so-called expert to think and feel independently. This is one of the main reasons, that investment in marketing and advertising in all types of businesses are increasing day by day!

In this great digital revolution of 2020, we should envision the world where we will no longer be controlled by the system. There will be no fear of financial insecurity in us. Where we are all awake and in love with life, feeling FREE to be who we are and to express ourselves not hit on the head everytime we speak up.

How can this be done?

You are the embodiment of your behavior, intentions and desires. To be honest to oneself means to see oneself clearly, to come to the fore with an accurate self-perception is the form of truth but challenging indeed. For this, you have to know, how you are behaving when you think no one is watching - especially you. And, don't try to judge yourself. Your choice and changes can come later. For now just be kind and non-judgmental to get your true picture. 
In the era of digitization, spend more and more time with nature away from rat-racing routine in life. Take a moment to listen to animals and birds near you, get to know and see trees, colors, shapes, textures, leaves etc.  
Focus more and more on speaking from your heart. It transmits an energy frequency inside you that will resonate within you and leave you feeling touched. It may also cause tears in your eyes or a smile on your lips. On the other hand, if someone speaks with artificially designed persona's for their agenda having preconceived ideas, it has little energy and will usually leave you feeling disgruntled, frustrated, angry, confused and powerless.

In Hindu mythology, it's meaning is associated with the word Namaste. You feel it when you speak something with a good heart about another. This is why it is so important to take the time to be with yourself and to have the power to feel again in your body and the ability to understand your own feelings from others.


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