Are you being judgemental?

The practice of Humanism focuses on potential and growth of everyone in our society including the art of self-actualization. The fundamental belief followed by humanists across the world is that - everyone born as a natural being, that is good but conditioning made by our psychological and socio-economic setup bring us away from our natural being. 

Judgmentalism is one of byproducts of our psychological and socio-economic conditioning. This is the reason, we don’t like facing our shadows. We tend to avoid or react to every single thing or anyone who tries to point out our failures and weaknesses. We often become angry, hateful and defensive. 

What is being judgmental?

Judgmental is a negative word to describe someone who often rushes to judgment very quickly, in an unfair way.

Negative Aspects - 

When you are judgmental you are finding fault with another person, community, ideoligies, or situation. In a brief, you are seeing everything through the filter of your preconcived ideas, beliefs system injected by family or society you was born in to.

Positive Aspects - 

Being judgmental isn’t all bad. When your inner Judge is balanced, you are able to make clear decisions and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Being critical also helps us to be innovative, and insightful about problems.

Why judgementalism become more popular as being negative?

There is a big difference between making judgments and being judgemental. Making judgments comes from a balanced and neutral mind, as stated above this judgement decide your future course of action. On the other hand, judgmentalism comes from an imbalanced and reactive mind that is seeking to protect itself from being hurt by others. 

Some signs that says - you’re a judgmental person -

  • 📌 You are labeling people because they're not like you.
  • 📌 You believe that everyone out there is against you.
  • 📌 You find problem with everyone.
  • 📌 You easily reach to conclusions on basis of your preconceived ideas or knowledge.
  • 📌 You justify your criticism as the truth.
  • 📌 Most of time you are pessimistic about life.
  • 📌 You categorized people/community in to ‘good’ or ‘bad.’
  • 📌 You feel anxious around other people.
  • 📌 You behave like being suspicious and untrusting.

There are four golden rule to end the habit of being judgmental. 

1. Self-acceptance -

This is about allowing space for all that it means to be human. Instead of putting yourself up to high standards, self-acceptance is about realistically looking at yourself, understanding why you are the way you are.

Some of my powerful suggestions to start with self-acceptance include:

  • 📌 Taking care of your body and dietary requirements. Adopting a crueltyfree and plant based diets. 
  • 📌 Discovering your own sensuality and spirituality along with a simple, easy and minimalist lifestyle. 
  • 📌 Breaking the traditional approach in your life.
  • 📌 Removing toxic people from your contact list.
  • 📌 Surrounding yourself with supportive people. 
  • 📌 Following your passion and doing one self-loving thing every day.

2. Meditation:

Meditation become more popular in our daily routine of stressful life. Meditating means kind of self-talk that involves all the thoughts you have about yourself in waking reality. Discover what thoughts or assumptions are behind your feelings. Take some moments everyday to tune into what types of thoughts you’re having. It can be explored while interacting with others, hitting your target and making a mistake. Whenever you’re feeling upset, depressed, insecure, or anxious, try to meditate and/or go bit closer to nature viz. river/beach, farm, forest and mountain etc.

3. Ground Research - 

Practice to look deeper into people and situations in their life. When we judge others, we tend to do so quickly as a result of our preconceived ideas, beliefs and misconceptions basically injected by our family or society. But jumping to instant conclusions blinds us, causing us to total shut off and ignore the complexity of others. For example, people who are mean, cruel, untrustworthy, or unfriendly almost always act from some kind of poor experience or negative exposers in past.

4. Mindfulness -

When you start to feel the walls of judgmentalism go up then practice mindfulness. It is about paying attention to the present moment, basically a practical aspects of carrying responsibilities in your personal, professional and social life. We should be grounded in reality, instead of being lost in the world of our judgments. 

In conclusion, the more accepting you are of yourself, the more accepting you will be of others. Conversely, the more rejecting you are of yourself, the more rejecting you will be of others. What is your experience with this topic? Please share in comment box at below!


Vegan Sudesh

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