Why do we need Detoxification?

The pure act of breathing presents 70% of our bodies detox. For our body to be free of distress, disease and blockages, it needs to be able to detox itself properly. By virtue of nature, nothing else detoxes the body but the body itself.

Our organs, namely liver, kidneys, spleen, colon, skin are all are built for the detoxification and elimination of what does not belong in our organism. If body does all these things by itself then why do we still suffer as a society from many chronic diseases or "un- curable" illnesses, premature death, allergies, organ failure etc? In short, why do we still suffocate in toxicity and our own mucus? Answer is very simple, that is our struggling lifestyle and polluted environment. Our organs were meant to detox on a natural lifestyle. But, a rat racing to achieve social gratification, unfair competitions, unclean and stressful way of living, class-conflicts, cosmetic products, places around us - and the last but one of the most important factors - the food we eat.

As we can see our bodies are struggling hard enough in this artificial world that we as a society created, let's not make it even harder with the choices we make and take that we can have an affect on! And you can decide if you are going to eat your species specific diet today, or not, you can decide if you are going to eat foods that belong to your body or not. If we don't suffocate our organs, cells with the foods that cause mucus overload, that cause acidity in our bodies, our elimination organs will be able to detox efficiently. As we won't burden them with high in complex protein / fatty foods, because we won't burn our cells with toxins from processed products (so called foods). 

For a better future, we all need to change with times, we need to let our bodies to engage into its programmed self healing perfect mechanism. Never forget, we just need to let it be. Simply, step out of the way with the forced reality, switch to a vegan economy, embrace the veganism for an enriched lifestyle awaiting for yourself, it is now called as a new age normal.

Vegan Sudesh
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