An insight of Lockdown India

India had started its full fledged lockdown to control pandemic situations in mid of the March 2020, which is still continuing on a larger extent. This lengthy phase of lockdown has created a very restricted environment across the country, can be better termed as Lockdown India. My first suggestion for being rational in Lockdown India would be, please stop questioning the existence of Government and God. Leaving aside the inefficiency of our Government during the lockdown for more than one and a half years in post Covid period, if you would be thinking that whether our economy failed us or we've failed the economy. Here are my views on this topic. It is also available on my youtube channel @vegansudesh.  

The locking up of a huge economy and government's incapability leading to multiply the people's pain during pandemic in the 4G world will be written on black letter in history. No matter how bitter it may sound to talk about the same in the future but this is the reality nowadays for most of us. Whatever would be the reason for this, but we have been taught from an early age to suppress our emotions to improve our economic status. Due to this a deep distrust of us arises in our mind. The situation after the lockdown draws us to the fact that when you are not able to escape from the rules made by others, then your life becomes like a puppet. You lose your natural status by being guided by some external force.

The digitization of social life on a large scale in the Covid era is making us mentally aggressive. The viral contents on smartphones are influencing the direction and condition of people's lives. Due to the lockdown for long periods, the world immersed in smartphones is becoming a victim of mental disorders. Due to this, compassion, friendship and peace are being lost among people and some are going astray towards cybercrime, which is poison for the vast population of our country.

Social media may not appear silent to you, but there is always a lot hidden behind every selfie here.

Maybe it's fear. 

Maybe it's loss. 

Maybe it's debt. 

Maybe it's grief. 

Maybe it's abuse. 

Maybe it's illness. 

Maybe it's failure. 

Maybe it's anxiety. 

Maybe it's rejection.

Maybe it's loneliness. 

Maybe it's depression. 

Maybe it's addiction.

Maybe it's frustration.

Depression, frustration, failure, rejection and ICU visits in an illness all lead us to a compassionate life with care and interdependence. The association of this interdependence with a personality in any relationship enriches our lives. It encourages us to enrich the lives of others as well. We are social by nature and find meaning in relationships. Job, business or career is like a rubber made slingshot with which taking risk leads you to win or lose financially. But relationships, family, health, friendship, spirit are made of glass, breaking of any of this induce a pain in to its every single piece.

With this great digital revolution of the 2020s we must now envision a world where we will no longer be controlled by the system. There will be no fear of any financial insecurity in us, where we will be able to live life in an awakened state. We will be free to feel who we are and we will not have to resort to our mind every time for self-expression.

Vegan Sudesh