Happy World Milk Day?

The billions of animals are being exploited every day by dairy industry in the world and at the same time, it is also playing with your health on a large scale. Today, I am sharing with you simply three reasons to ditch dairy, after knowing that either you may stop using dairy products or you will start looking at it with suspicion over lifetime.

Why should you stop using animal milk as soon as possible?

📌 1. Pus. 

Milk is no less than a liquid meat.  Remember, cows and buffaloes are given hormone injections and milked continuously, which leads to udder infections. The direct result of this is pus. Dairy companies pretending to be farmers' livelihood, they will never tell you that a liter of milk contains millions of pus cells.

📌 2. Like most other mammals, cows and buffaloes lactate only when they get pregnant, and they are pregnant almost constantly by artificial insemination etc. due to the greed of humans.  This leads them to generate excessive levels of estrogen. In addition, they are injected with loads of hormones to produce more milk than ever before.  And you consume that milk which is loaded with all these hormones. For more information, please watch the anti-dairy social network videos on my YouTube channel: Vegan Sudesh. Excessive intake of these hormones (especially estrogen and insulin) causes cancer in the parts of your body that are most affected by sex hormones such as the breasts, ovaries, and prostate. Please, remember the entire dairy industry has been brainwashing you since inception by various ways.  

📌 3. Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is a primary cause of heart disease and obesity, it is necessary to stop dairy products because it not only causes mass slaughter of animals but it is responsible for two major causes of death, first one is heart disease and second one is cancer.  

🌿 Vegan Sudesh