Vegan Makar Sankranti

India is known for its seasonal festivals like Makar Sankranti, a beautiful festival that marks the entry of the Sun into Capricorn.  Here, I am giving you some vegan ideas so that you can enjoy it in better ways. The purpose of my article is to show how we can all better balance our age-old traditions with ethical choices.

What is Makar Sankranti?

The Hindu calendar believes that Makar Sankranti falling in the month of Pausha has special significance.  When the Sun enters Capricorn, it is called Makar Sankranti.  There is an auspicious period of eight hours before and eight hours after the time of Sankranti.

Makar Sankranti and Veganism -

Being vegan and celebrating Makar Sankranti does not mean compromising with customs.  Instead, it is about reviewing them.  By adopting eco-friendly habits and a plant-based diet, we honor our festivals and our ethical choices, which make us much happier and live longer.

Vegan Recipes for Makar Sankranti 

Converting traditional recipes to vegan recipes is easier than you think.  Be it sesame laddus made with jaggery or something else, the possibilities are endless.  Try to include seasonal fruits, nuts, and grains in your Makar Sankranti recipes.  From chikki (peanut brittle) to dairy-free kheer, make your festival even more fun.  Solstice's menu is mostly already vegan.  Poha and Tilkut laddus, sesame, and jaggery sweets are naturally vegan!

Charity, Hinduism, and cruelty-free lifestyle:

Help those in need by donating your time and resources to make a difference in your community.  You can join our foundation for easy and safe options for this.  As per the custom, avoid flying kites in large numbers or do it in such a way that no flying bird gets killed, think not once but ten times, why should innocent birds pay the price by giving their lives for our happiness? Let's adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle this Makar Sankranti.

This article is written by Prof. Sudesh Kumar, founder of @veganmumbai.